Organize. Track. EXPAND.

Managing dozens of prospects can be a messy and time-consuming process. When teams become larger and prospects begin to multiply, the task of organizing them can be become impossible without the help of a CRM.

Ours was built specifically for the network marketer in mind.

We place emails, scripts, resources and action items at your team's fingertips. Nurture leads, enroll prospects into email campaigns, set actions for following up so you can move prospects through the sales funnel.

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If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Ultimate Prospector has the data you need to keep a finger on the pulse of your sales pipeline. generate leads, import and organize your contacts, track and analyze conversions, and replicate your success.

Manage your prospects

Spend more time selling, and less time organizing. Manage your prospects and personally generated leads with ease.

Move and track your leads easily as they move through your sales funnel.

Marketing automation

Contact information is at your fingertips. Send with pre-built messages, landing pages and media with one touch.

Ultimate Prospector makes marketing and follow-ups simple.

Grow and replicate

Stay organized, keep notes, track the activity feed... We provide the tools to grow, then replicate your business system.

Stay ahead of the competition with the tools of tomorrow.


Members stay organized with the complete toolset from Ultimate Prospector. Network marketers can manage their business, professionally follow up with prospects and sign up more customers and members.

  • Import and organize contacts
  • Enroll prospects in an auto-responder email campaign
  • Use the Activity Feed to track all of the actions your prospects takes, giving you insight into their interest level and desire
  • News and events sections available right at the dashboard
  • Build custom training modules with integrated video and images
  • Media library to store banner ads, videos, product images, pricing PDFs, and more
  • Integrated notepad to keep track of details during calls
  • Prospect details show the contact information, activity feed, even maps and weather
  • And much more...

How It Works

Ultimate Prospector is a complete tool-set designed and developed to organize and manage your business. Our comprehensive contact management system and CRM tools will simplify your day-to-day sales and business building activities.

Beyond business tools, Ultimate Prospector offers replicated Website, Landing and Marketing Pages so you can generate your own prospects.

Follow up with your prospects like a PRO with our professionally developed email auto-responder and follow up system. Choose from pre-written proven campaigns, or create your own custom message or campaign. Be creative, you can even upload and create your own Video Email.

  • Import contacts and prospects, enroll them into your sales funnel
  • Generate new leads to keep the sales pipeline full
  • Easily follow up on your prospects with auto-responding email campaigns
  • Convert more leads, grow your team and replicate the success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate Prospector is an easy-to-use Prospect Management System that will help you grow your network marketing business. Generate leads, organize your contacts and track data... all in one place.

Ultimate Prospector is THE all-in-one prospect management system for Network Marketers and those looking to build their Direct Selling Business. Whether you are a veteran industry expert or just starting to build your network, our solutions will provide you with the tools you need to build your business faster than ever.

Keep all your prospect contact information and notes in one place. Enroll prospects into an autoresponder campaign that automatically emails prospects in user-defined daily intervals. Easily access scripts and send one-touch responses to the most common responses. Ultimate Prospector lets you dial leads faster, keeps you organized, automates marketing and makes your prospect follow-ups a breeze.

Use our professional landing pages to generate leads and keep the sales pipeline full. Increase conversions with a custom autoresponder campaign. Use scripts, detailed local information and Power Dialer Pro to call contacts faster.

Try Ultimate Prospector free for seven days. The system is only $29.95/mo. thereafter.

Ultimate Prospector gives you landing pages and form codes to generate leads at no extra cost. Or you can take advantage of our vast affiliate network and purchase a variety of recruiting leads from us. All purchased leads show up directly into your Ultimate Prospector system so you can begin calling and converting right away.

Ultimate Prospector comes with several landing pages that you can begin using right away. In addition, we include professionally written auto-send email campaigns, follow up messages, proven phone scripts. You can add resources and fine-tune scripts and emails to boost conversions even higher.

All across the board ULTIMATE PROSPECTOR users have reported higher productivity, more effective use of time and a dramatic increase in the size of their business with the implementation of this system. Whether your opportunity is focused on healthy aging, nutrition, energy, tech solutions, legal services, beauty products, etc... Ultimate Prospector is the solution for you.

Ultimate Prospector offers custom marketing and sales solutions for teams. Enable your associates to increase their marketing power and rapidly expand their business. We can help you design a system that meets the unique marketing requirements of your team and provide them with the customized tools they need. The best part is that we handle 100% of the user support and hosting, it's like having an online marketing back office that is as easy to use as your favorite website!

Your team members will love their customized version of Ultimate Prospector because everything they need to do their jobs is in one place. They will be spending less time on the tedious and redundant aspects of recruiting and more time with sign-ups and sales. For Team Leaders, a custom system will give you timely insight into your team's activities as well as the controls you need to get everybody on the same page. Reaching team goals and getting new recruits on the fast track to success with confidence is not only possible, but also easy.

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  • Contact Management System
  • Marketing Made Simple
  • Lead Generation
  • All the tools you need to grow your business - faster than ever!

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